The Updated Madden Mobile 17 Game for New Players

Madden Mobile is one of the most played games that gamers like to play on their mobiles and it is fun just going on and on playing Live Events, playing Sets, enjoying Legend Sets, Flashbacks, gaining Trophies and getting Rewards. It is just collecting many things and enjoying the fun of playing the game and competing against others. Winning and losing is part of the game but it is the thrill of playing and feeling the excitement of football as it is played in the real world that motivates players to play more. New features that have been added to the Madden Mobile 17 game have made the game better and more interesting with the third installment.

Sets, Legends and Events

The Sets have improved functions such as the Stacked items which can be seen easily from the writing on the top of the trophy. Favorite Sets can be marked as favorites and they can be seen on the sets tab which is very convenient and easy for use. However the ‘congrats page’ item has not been included in the game. The Auto-Fill Button has been added with many items. The method of dragging has been removed instead of which the icon has to be tapped upon.

Many Legends have been added such as Anthony Munoz, Kevin Greene, Champ Bailey, Ray Nitschke, Emmit Smith, Herman Moore and Lawyer Milloy. Legend Badge comes with about 5 elite trophies while the Legend item Pack has 5 legend badges. The Legend Sets can be repeated and the set uses Badge, Elite trophies, Collectibles, and Rookie.

Madden Mobile Tricks

Even as you enter into the game, you can see MY SETS whereas, the previous one has ‘Recommended’. The change starts right from the first entry. Madden Mobile 17 will always remain a favorite for the players and any type of update is most welcome for the players as playing gets easier and more challenging with more updates. Earning Rewards and Coins are very easy if the game is played in the right spirit and with the help of many useful tips. However you can also get them with the help of madden mobile coin hack by which you can earn many rewards and Coins to play the game further.

Weekly events like Blitz take place that also awards HL collectibles for every win and also a gold player for 10 such collectibles. Rob Gronkowski is the player of the season and there are 5 seasons that are required. In the Large Quicksell, the SQS has been removed in the same way as 1000 Quicksell. Even the LQS set has been removed. The Team Sets contain 5 Bronze Trophies and 5 Silver Trophies while there are 5 Bronze and 5 Silver players. As a reward for wining you get 5000 coins and a gold team player. Trophies and Gameplan has not changed and have not been upgraded. The Flashbacks have been changed drastically with the badge costing 5 elite trophies and with 5 such badges you can get flashback collectible. The Flashback set can be obtained with 1 FB Week Collectible, 1 FB year collectible, 1 FB Badge as well as 6 Elite Trophies.

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