NBA live mobile game play

NBA live mobile game is a latest version of NBA live game series since the NBA game series are more popular among the people each version of series comes with latest updates to make the players stick with the game. Based on that the latest version of NBA game series is NBA live mobile game it is featured with advanced facilities. The gaming platform was first originally released via a soft launch and later it is made available as a worldwide game.

This game is especially featured as mobile play game and it makes the player free to play basketball video game in their mobile device. The game is designed to support for iOS and Android devices and the mobile version of the game holds an ultimate team with well skilled players. The player has to build the game by collecting player cards and the game play consists of live events through which the players explore his skills.

Mostly the events is conducted as a skill challenges based on the  real events take place in the real NBA similar to this the game scenario is in the form of two minutes quarters. The player can collect both current NBA players and former NBA players by means of ultimate team. Since the NBA live mobile game is free to play and there are several options for the user. The user can upgrade their team through micro transaction from their game points.

The game points and cash is more important in the game play and the player can use them for trading new players for their team or it can be used to unlock the teams in higher level. Although the game starts simple and initially on moving on it felt to be hard for the player to gain cash reward by means of winning the match. In order to tackle this most of the player uses the website which has nba live mobile hack available which enables them to claim for their free cash that can be used to play the game.

Key features of NBA live mobile game series

As NBA live mobile games are the latest version of the NBA game series it is featured with several key features which are listed below

  • Live events: the game is regularly updated with short session challenges that reflect day to day events in NBA game series.
  • Head to head game: player is allowed to play competitive and ranked games with other user of his division. If player won the game and climb the leader boards and he would progress to higher tiers, earn rewards and attain legendary status.
  • Mode of season: the player can start the season on his own wish and play till the finals. If the player complete multiple seasons then he will be rewarded with huge amounts.
  • Leagues: the player can create or join the league matches and competitive tournament with other league.

In NBA live mobile series the player is allowed to play match against their friends for fun and they can earn “friends collectibles” as a reward prize from friends set.

Understanding the features of Simcity Buildit new version game

SimCity Buildit Guide

Today, most of the internet users are very much interested in playing the city based game like the games in the Simcity series. Maxis is the actual developer of this game and the Electronic Arts is the publisher of the games in this series. If the players are searching for the latest version of game in this series, you can have an opportunity to play the simcity buildit game which is currently available for both the Android and iOS device users.

About Simcity Buildit game:

If the players are considering the game play of this buildit game from the simcity series, it is really very interesting to play from your mobile devices. As it is the city building game with the urban planning simulation game, it supports all versions of android and ios devices to have instant entertainment from anywhere of the world through the internet. The early version of the games in this series were only developed and released for the windows platform and this buildit game is one and only the first game developed and released for the Android and iOS mobile platforms. This is really very interesting massively multiplayer online city building game and the players can definitely enjoy playing the games with the advanced features and proper settlement.

There are more numbers of building options available to build your own city with all necessary settlements which will grow into the city by zoning the different lands for the commercial, residential and also industrial development in your place. At the same time, there are some of the essential settlements available for building as well as maintaining the public services, utilities and also the transport services. This extraordinary type of this game with the buildit features uses the brand new engine which is known as the Glassbox. This specific type of new engine used in this new version of simcity series game allows you for getting more detailed simulation than the previous version of games.

Along with all these needs in your simcity buildit game play, it is also significant to earn unlimited numbers of gaming resources. In order to get more amounts of resources for your gaming needs, it is better using simcity buildit hack apk with the resource generator.

Some important considerations about simcity buildit game:

The gamers of this buildit game in the simcity series have to understand that you are going to play as a mayor to have a lead role in this game. Everyone is highly recommended building the generous city which has more numbers of citizens who are moving in.

  • When the players are building a larger size of city in the simcity buildit game, then you have to give more things to satisfy the needs of the citizens living in your city.
  • There are some important challenges involved in this game and you have to solve all those challenges in order to be successful in the game play.
  • At the same time, it is highly necessary to add some necessary services to keep your citizens always happy and keep city always thriving.

The Updated Madden Mobile 17 Game for New Players

Madden Mobile is one of the most played games that gamers like to play on their mobiles and it is fun just going on and on playing Live Events, playing Sets, enjoying Legend Sets, Flashbacks, gaining Trophies and getting Rewards. It is just collecting many things and enjoying the fun of playing the game and competing against others. Winning and losing is part of the game but it is the thrill of playing and feeling the excitement of football as it is played in the real world that motivates players to play more. New features that have been added to the Madden Mobile 17 game have made the game better and more interesting with the third installment.

Sets, Legends and Events

The Sets have improved functions such as the Stacked items which can be seen easily from the writing on the top of the trophy. Favorite Sets can be marked as favorites and they can be seen on the sets tab which is very convenient and easy for use. However the ‘congrats page’ item has not been included in the game. The Auto-Fill Button has been added with many items. The method of dragging has been removed instead of which the icon has to be tapped upon.

Many Legends have been added such as Anthony Munoz, Kevin Greene, Champ Bailey, Ray Nitschke, Emmit Smith, Herman Moore and Lawyer Milloy. Legend Badge comes with about 5 elite trophies while the Legend item Pack has 5 legend badges. The Legend Sets can be repeated and the set uses Badge, Elite trophies, Collectibles, and Rookie.

Madden Mobile Tricks

Even as you enter into the game, you can see MY SETS whereas, the previous one has ‘Recommended’. The change starts right from the first entry. Madden Mobile 17 will always remain a favorite for the players and any type of update is most welcome for the players as playing gets easier and more challenging with more updates. Earning Rewards and Coins are very easy if the game is played in the right spirit and with the help of many useful tips. However you can also get them with the help of madden mobile coin hack by which you can earn many rewards and Coins to play the game further.

Weekly events like Blitz take place that also awards HL collectibles for every win and also a gold player for 10 such collectibles. Rob Gronkowski is the player of the season and there are 5 seasons that are required. In the Large Quicksell, the SQS has been removed in the same way as 1000 Quicksell. Even the LQS set has been removed. The Team Sets contain 5 Bronze Trophies and 5 Silver Trophies while there are 5 Bronze and 5 Silver players. As a reward for wining you get 5000 coins and a gold team player. Trophies and Gameplan has not changed and have not been upgraded. The Flashbacks have been changed drastically with the badge costing 5 elite trophies and with 5 such badges you can get flashback collectible. The Flashback set can be obtained with 1 FB Week Collectible, 1 FB year collectible, 1 FB Badge as well as 6 Elite Trophies.